Enter Summer

Summer is officially here — beautiful day, luscious greens surround us.  All the snow we had over the winter seems to have faded into memory.  Trying something new later today — a four-hour recreational kayaking introductory class on Canandaigua Lake. Have wanted to try it for some time now, and today’s the day (sink or swim).  Hopefully I won’t have to swim in Lagoon Park.  No motors, just paddles touching the water sounds like a peaceful way to enjoy our lake.  Then, who knows where this new skill can take me?

Bark collage 2

In honor of the Summer Solstice, I created the collage piece above, as I did when Spring arrived.  Will have to seek out more interesting door knockers and bark before Autumn arrives.  Fun to see what photos I’ve taken to incorporate into an homage to the latest season.  Just knock on the “door” and enter a new time in Mother Earth’s gift of life to the earth.

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