Patience and Vermeer

I watched a movie documentary called “Tim’s Vermeer” – a fascinating lesson in patience.  Tim Jenison has an amazing level of curiosity  to figure out how to make things work, invent things, and his efforts have made him a fortune.  He is not an artist, but he wanted to figure out if Johannes Vermeer (my favorite artist) painted such detail and light in his paintings using some equipment, as has long been suspected.  Did Vermeer use a camera obscura, mirrors, some other means? Jenison sets out on an odyssey beginning in 2008 to create his own copy of “The Music Lesson” down to the last detail. Incredible.

So when I haven’t got the patience to complete a project, I can learn from Tim Jenison a thing or two.  I can do the best I can, and I should remember how Jenison so immersed himself in his quest.  He didn’t have to do it, could quit any time, but he didn’t.  He also was quite likely able to spend whatever money it cost him, so most of us have to be a bit more practical. Personally, I’d like to take my paintbox and camera and paint my way across Ireland, which isn’t like to happen.  But I can dream, and remember to be patient.




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