Seen in a little town in the mountains of Tuscany

Seen in a little town in the mountains of Tuscany

I remember once seeing a woman taking photos of a fire hydrant. I understand her. If you’ve ever spent any time with creative, artistic types, you might have observed them paying attention to something others would casually walk by, not noticing it. Perhaps they see things in a different way than others might. Something is inspired within these observers, a texture, a light, a color, a shape, even a sound, giving them something mentally that they need, like nourishment.

Once I was with a group of artists in Italy, up in an ancient little town in the mountains of Tuscany.  I recall several of us studied an old door, paint peeling off, fascinated.  It struck a chord inside our heads as a painting subject.  Maybe some people look at a tree and see a poem or a symphony.  

Now, at home, I looked through my photos looking for a particular toadstool photo I took at some point.  I needed it for a photomontage I’m compiling my photos for.  Searching my computer files wasn’t working.  So, when I took the dog outside and in the backyard, low an behold, there was just the toadstool growing that I needed!  So I was down in the yard on my hands and knees, clearing grass away and photographing the group of three toadstools.  Perfect!  Now it’s in my Alice in Wonderland montage.  

So if you see someone paying close to something like a fire hydrant, a toadstool or even a seemingly unassuming, time-worn door, wonder what they’ll create from that bit of inspiration.  You never know.

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