Yoga – Body and Soul


I’ve recently been getting to some of Grounded By Yoga’s classes in their Canandaigua, NY location; they are based in Bloomfield.  I’ve practiced yoga off and on over a few decades, but always feel better when I come back to it as part of my life practice.  There is a wellness within body and soul that I receive with every practice session.  Different teachers have different styles, some more active, some more gentle, but I’ve enjoyed all that I’ve taken classes with.  Something about turning inward in a calm, centering way, connecting with our breathing and attempting to clear the fuzz out of our brains that buzzes and irritates us is always a good thing.  And one yoga teacher I had said that it wasn’t whether you can touch your toes or not, but that you’re not thinking about other things while trying to touch your toes.  It’s okay if you can’t twist yourself into a pretzel, or if you fall over every time you try to stand on one foot with your eyes closed, but the focus and peace one can receive is like a gift.  Some people get the same thing from other practices like running or rock climbing, painting, or playing piano. I’ve been “given” ideas for artwork and writings while in a yoga practice. The benefits of yoga practice are wonderful for what’s inside us, and that shows on the outside.

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