Joy and Sadness

Honey painting resized

My family has recently had a sick kitty and sadly had to let her go.  Honey had kidney issues, is about 14 1/2 years old, I think, and was a feisty 6.3 pounder.  She started acting out of sorts, and I took her to the vet.  A kidney panel blood workup showed a lot very out of whack and she obviously wasn’t feeling well.  So she was in the “hospital” and being treated, and my husband and I hoped they could figure out how to keep her with us a while longer.  As a pet owner and steward of this kitty’s welfare, it isn’t easy to know when the pet is going to be better or when the pet is suffering.  When it became clear that her kidneys were no longer functioning well enough to remove the toxins building in her body, it was time to do the kind thing, with the Vet’s recommendation.

My husband and I were with Honey when the time came to euthanize her.  How heartbroken we are, so sad to live without this special cat in our lives.  When time heals us a bit, I hope to give another good cat who needs a forever home a place with us.  I can’t thank Happy Tails shelter and the Canandaigua Veterinary Hospital enough for helping us have and take care of Honey for over eight years.  She was special. So, while I’m very sad, I’m glad that we could take care of Honey and she could give us so much in return in the time we had her.

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