Just Drawing

Kimono and Koi

Checking out at the grocery store recently, the young cashier liked my tote bags with my artwork on them.  She said she is an artist, too.  I asked her what she uses and she said she’s “just drawing.” I suggested that drawing is excellent and admirable.  After taking college drawing classes for a few semesters and admiring the drawing skills of many artists, I hold the practice of drawing in high regard.  Drawing can be a scribble or doodle, getting down a concept in a few lines, or a painstaking effort of hours with pencil in hand over a pad of paper.  I’ve spent moments getting an idea out or hours completing a colored pencil piece.  I’ve looked a Da Vinci and Rembrandt drawings with wonder, or a niece’s simple crayon drawing that she gifted to me with the same wonder.  I’ve met a young man who lost the ability to use his right hand to draw, so he taught himself to do beautiful renderings with his left hand.  It’s all good.

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