Bloom Where You Are Planted


In a recent Yoga class, one of my fellow students brought a wildflower from her yard. This prompted a discussion about planted versus wild flowers. The little bloom was as beautiful to me as any prize-winning rose.

Another class’s teacher spoke to the class about “Santosha,” meaning contentment, satisfaction – acceptance and being comfortable with your situation and being able to find inner peace. This definition is a simplification of the practice but I believe captures the concept in a nutshell.

The two conversations brought to mind the old adage “bloom where you are planted.”

As we go through life, sometimes we don’t have control of what happens to us or where we end up. Sometimes it’s pretty sad or horrendous, or sometimes happy and wonderful. We’re faced with hard stuff in life every day. I would hope that we can muster up the strength to make the most of our situation, live in it to the best we can, and maybe even do unbelievably great things. Be brave and positive people, as best you can.

Some of the most positive people I’ve ever met have been through hell and back. Adversity has made them stronger. They have grown from their experience. Some are still in some kind of hell and must be brave enough to get out of their dangerous or toxic situation. I’m moved by their stories. I’m inspired by them to try to be a better person. I may or may not succeed but will strive to remember others who have been through worse.

I strive to seek out the good people and places and take advantage of the positive stuff around me.

Live like that simple wildflower that grew in a lonely spot in a yard or fought its way out of a crack in a sidewalk.

1 thought on “Bloom Where You Are Planted

  1. Carole Biedenbach

    Wonderful words! We met you in front of the Harbor Hotel in Clayton. It seems that Santosha and happiness bloom within us when we choose it. It has little to do with our outside world…though the beauty and blue skies in Clayton did reflect our choice to be happy. Namaste😊 Carole Biedenbach



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