Balance and Bounce


Life can be tough to keep in balance. We set goals for our day, our life, our future, and often we are forced to focus on parts of our life while ignoring other important elements of living. Work, health, family, our own inner demons, stuff that gets thrown in our path unexpectedly – we all know how hard it is to keep a sense of moving forward in a positive way while also enjoying stillness in our body and soul. Our “monkey mind” can throw roadblocks in the way of having a more balanced, peaceful life.

This isn’t to say we don’t need challenges in life – facing fears, trying something new, working out problems, new beginnings and, yes, endings. Sometimes it’s hard not to panic and hard to have hope. Hard to figure out how to meet a goal or end a suffering. How to grow something, whether it’s a positive thought, a relationship, a flower, or a child. We get caught up in the “what if” in a negative way and lose sight of the way to a better path.

I often meet people who share with me the most interesting things about their life and their experiences, good and bad. They may have gone through hell and back but have positive thoughts going forward. Their life stories give me hope.

Sometimes we have to remember to balance on the head of a pin and figure out how to bounce off of it in a positive direction. Sometimes we have to take the leap forward, even if we’re afraid we might fall.

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